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Maintaining a healthy smile

27th May, 2019 - Published by Practice Plan

With evidence that oral health is linked to general health, it has never been more important to look after your mouth, a healthy smile is also o...

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What to look for when choosing the right dental practice for your child

19th April, 2019 - Published by Practice Plan

Choosing a dental practice for yourself can be a difficult task, but this is even more so when it comes to selecting a practice for your child. It’s...

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What, why, wear??? The facts on Acid Erosion you need to know

23rd March, 2019 - Published by Practice Plan

Summer is just around the corner and lots of us will be eating new healthy diets. We’re now far more educated and aware of the damage sugar can caus...

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Keep your teeth healthy

23rd February, 2019 - Published by Practice Plan

Here are some simple and easy to implement ideas to help you achieve better dental health in 2019. Let us know which ones you have done! ONE: An alcoh...

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Dental Implants

Missing Teeth?

Dental Implants

Dental implants are suitable for most patient cases, replacing a single missing tooth or to replace multiple teeth. The procedure is virtually pain-free and there's minimal recovery time,

Teeth Whitening

Special Occasion?

Teeth Whitening

We understand that first impressions count. Tooth whitening is a simple and effective way to lighten your teeth, giving you the confidence to smile naturally

Hygienist Service

Oral Health Problems?

Hygienist Service

Hygienists play a key role in the maintaining of good oral hygiene, with good oral hygiene this results in healthy teeth which can last a lifetime.

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